Check-in time is after 4:00 p.m.


Check-out time is before 11:00 a.m.

Early Check-In & Late Check-Out

When possible, we are happy to accommodate requests for early check-in or late check-out. We may not, however, be able to honor such requests because of the hotel’s popularity, high occupancy, availability of specific guest room types, and the time required for our housekeeping staff to clean and prepare guest rooms. If we are not able to honor your request, you are still welcome to use the hotel’s facilities, pools, fitness center, and restaurants.

If you need to arrange for a late check-out, contact the front desk on the morning of your departure, before the normal check-out time. The front desk will let you know whether a late check-out is available and, if so, the time and any corresponding fee. If you receive a late check-out but stay beyond 3:00 p.m., you will incur a full night’s charge, including taxes. Without approval from management, checking out after the normal check-out time but before 3:00 p.m. will result in a late fee of the lesser of (i) a full night’s charge, including taxes, or (ii) $150 for each deluxe guest room and $250 for each suite or villa. Without approval from management, checking out after 3:00 p.m. will result in a full night’s charge, including taxes.

Early Departure Policy

You may check out prior to your reserved departure date without incurring a fee if you meet the requirements of our Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy

If your plans change and you need to cancel your reservation, contact our reservation specialists at 866-801-6430 and obtain a cancellation number. To avoid a cancellation fee of one night’s charge, plus taxes, for a failure to cancel or for a late cancellation, you must cancel your reservation by the time indicated in your confirmation email or letter.

Non-Smoking Policy

The Eden Resort & Suites is a non-smoking facility. Smoking (including vaping) is prohibited in all areas of the hotel, inside and outside (including guest rooms, suites, and villas; patios and balconies; pools and recreation & fitness areas; restaurants and lounge; wedding, meeting, and event spaces. We do provide designated smoking areas outside to accommodate the needs of guests who smoke. If you smoke in a non-designated area, the fee for cleaning and deodorizing is $250, and you face probable eviction without a refund.

Pet Policy

We are a pet-friendly hotel with certain villas designated as pet-friendly rooms. For this reason, you must contact our reservation specialists directly (866-801-6430) to reserve a pet-friendly villa; if you do not do so, we may not be able to accommodate your pet request at check-in. All pets must be registered at check-in. If you have an unregistered pet or have a pet in a room that is not designated as pet friendly, the fee for cleaning and deodorizing is $250, and you face probable eviction without a refund. Please review the details of our pet policy, including what types of pets are permitted.

Cooking Appliances & Fire/Flame Policy

The safety of our guests, staff, and this facility is extremely important to us. Cooking or heating food in guest rooms is prohibited, unless you use an in-room cooking appliance provided by the hotel as it is intended to be used (note: all guest rooms have, at a minimum, a microwave and refrigerator, and some guest rooms have an oven and/or stovetop). Outdoor grilling is permitted only in the grilling area adjacent to the outdoor pool. A $250 fee will be charged for cooking or heating food in a room using any other appliance (including a coffee maker, hot plate, toaster oven, water heater, rice cooker, grill, burner, heating appliance, iron, or any other item intended for cooking or heating) or for outdoor grilling in an unapproved area, and you face probable eviction without a refund. Except for using an in-room fireplace (available in some of our room types) or the outdoor fire pit, fires or flames (including fireworks and candles) are not permitted anywhere on hotel property.


Each guest room has either a mini refrigerator without freezer (2.6 cu. ft.), a refrigerator with freezer (6.0 cu. ft.), or a full-size refrigerator with freezer (11.0 cu. ft.)–see the details of each room type to learn which size refrigerator is in a particular room type.  Having a second refrigerator in a guest room is not permitted.

Quiet Time / Good Night’s Rest Policy

To ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all our guests, the hotel enforces a Quiet Time / Good Night’s Rest Policy in our guest rooms and corridors from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. every day. Please respect other guests’ right to rest free from excessive noise and disturbances, and please refrain from loud conversations or other loud noise in the guest corridors and your guest room. If we receive a complaint about excessive noise, you will be given a warning and asked to keep the noise down and all guests not registered in the room will be asked to leave. If we receive a subsequent complaint, you and your guests will be asked to leave the hotel and no refund will be given. These guidelines are in place to ensure that every guest enjoys a peaceful and pleasant stay in our hotel.

Code of Conduct

Hotel guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not interfere with the enjoyment of the hotel by others. Aggressive and violent behavior or abusive language and profanity toward other hotel guests or staff will not be tolerated and may result in intervention by local law enforcement and eviction from the hotel without a refund. Any illegal activity (including the use of illegal substances) will be reported to local law enforcement and may result in eviction from the hotel without a refund.

Pools, Recreation, Fire Pit, & Fitness Center Policy

The hotel’s pools, whirlpool, recreation areas, fire pit, fitness center, and sauna are reserved for registered guests only. Any use of these facilities is done at the guest’s own risk. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times to use the hotel’s pools, recreation areas, and fire pit. The whirlpool, fitness center, and sauna are for adult use only (children under the age of 18 are not permitted to use these adult facilities).

Outside Food & Beverage

Outside food and beverage are permitted in your guest room. They are also permitted in the indoor pool, outdoor pool, and outdoor recreation areas with the following restrictions: you may not bring (i) coolers; (ii) glass, hard plastic, or other breakable material; or (iii) alcoholic beverages (which are available to order poolside). Outside food and beverage are not permitted in banquet/meeting space, restaurants, or other public areas of the hotel without the prior approval of hotel management.

Credit Card Policy

At check-in, there will be an authorization on your credit card in the amount of your room rate, inclusive of tax, for all room nights, plus up to 30% of that amount for incidentals. Upon check-out, the actual final charge will be forwarded to your bank, who will combine the prior authorization amount with the actual charge and release any unused portion. It can take several business days for your bank to process the final charge and reconcile your account.

Debit Card Policy

The Eden Resort & Suites discourages the use of debit cards, and kindly asks that if another method of payment is not an inconvenience, it be used to reserve your guest room. If you must use a debit card, it will initiate, at the time of check-in, an immediate deduction from your bank account in the amount of your room rate, inclusive of tax, for all room nights plus up 30% of that amount for incidentals. Upon check-out, any unused funds will be credited back to your account. Based upon the business rules of your bank, it may take several business days for your bank to process the unused funds back to your account.

Cash-Paying Guests

The hotel accepts cash payment for all charges, including taxes, upon departure/check-out; however, a valid credit or debit card is required at check-in (please review the Credit Card Policy and Debit Card Policy above to understand the authorization or deduction that will occur at check-in). Upon departure, you may pay with cash. If you do, the authorization or deduction to your credit or debit card will be reconciled (please review the Credit Card Policy and Debit Card Policy above to understand the time frame for the reconciliation of your credit or debit card).

Guest Room Locations

Please be aware that The Courtyard (our indoor 3-story atrium) is used for events such as weddings, proms, meetings, and trade shows on some days. Such events may be scheduled until 9:00 p.m. in June, July, and August and until 10:00 p.m. in September through May. Our award-winning Champagne Sunday Brunch is also served in The Courtyard.

Special Requests

We will make every effort to accommodate special requests (e.g., room location, connecting/adjoining room, room near others), but such requests cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability at check-in.

[updated August 2019]