• Pleasant Dreams – In an effort to make your stay even more comfortable, the hotel offers a variety of pillow types sure to please even the most discerning pillow critique. All guests are invited to request their preferred pillow from the hotels pillow menu found in each guest room.Eden Resort & Suites Pillow Menu:
    • Hypoallergenic – Helps relieve sneezing, morning headaches, sinus congestion and other symptoms associated with allergies to feathers, fibers and dust.
    • Buckwheat – Whole grain goodness. One-hundred percent natural buckwheat hulls conform to the head and neck for maximum support and stress reduction.
    • Feather & Down Pillow – Get down tonight. The perfect blend of natural down features, this is medium firmness and a classic favorite.

    Please dial 0 for immediate delivery. The pillow of your choice may be signed out for the duration of you stay. The pillow must be returned or a replacement fee of $25.00 will be billed to your account.

    Specialty pillows are based on availability.